The Willow & The Builder

by The Willow & The Builder

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Ben Ott
Ben Ott thumbnail
Ben Ott I was introduced to this Album by a friend while on a Road Trip. When I listen to it, it reminds me of all the great memories from that trip. Favorite track: Heartache.
Rebecca Pope
Rebecca Pope thumbnail
Rebecca Pope I love the delicate complexity of Teahouse Treehouse and the rest of the album. Richard, Adrian, and gang have produced something delightful and yet tragically expressive.
Jennifer thumbnail
Jennifer Sweet, refreshing melodies. Hear it once and you can't help but to give it another listen. Favorite track: Teahouse Treehouse.
Dylan Kuhn
Dylan Kuhn thumbnail
Dylan Kuhn High spirited, tells a moving story, with fresh, appealing compositions. Favorite track: Teahouse Treehouse.
Lars Engemann
Lars Engemann thumbnail
Lars Engemann Lovely indie pop at its best. Favorite track: Oh Willow! (Why Wallow?).
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The Willow & The Builder grew from the roots of its title. Over several windy winter weeks, Richard Miron and Adrian Simon set about crafting a collection of songs and stories about growth, sorrow, trees, and the determination to create happiness from the world that surrounds them. The result is an 8-song debut, a sprightly exploration and reflective meditation on the themes and images conjured by the phrase "The Willow & The Builder."


released October 10, 2011

The Willow & The Builder is...
Richard Miron :: Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Adrian Simon :: Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Drums

Featured Musicians:
Connor Frost :: Trumpet [7,8]
Max Gilbert :: Oboe [3,8]
Oliver Hill :: Viola [1,4]
Adam Levine :: Group Vocals [1,5,6,7]
Shir Levy :: Violin [8]
Andrew Marshall :: Drums [6,7,8]
Michael Solotke :: Trombone [7,8]
Alice Taranta :: Flute / Baritone Flute [8]

All songs written by Him & Me / Me & Him
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Andy Smith

Cover Photography by David Wilson
Band Photography and Video by Adam Levine
Thank You to Adam Levine, Andy Smith, the featured musicians, and our parents.

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The Willow & The Builder Connecticut

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Track Name: Teahouse Treehouse
Where we go and where we know
Helps us grow and grow

I set my sights on the willow tree
In the back of my backyard
I knew it wilted, so I stilted it
With wood that I had carved
I hammered nails and measured things
And built a sturdy floor
It took me six or seven days
Until it needed nothing more

Let's have tea up in my tree
And see the world below
There's playing cards
And jars of jelly beans
And candles all aglow
We've got a place up there up in the sky
And though it's really not that high
It's somewhere, it's somewhere to go
It's somewhere to go

I climbed up there with a beanbag chair
And I almost lost my grip
I threw it in and turned my chin
And there were her two lips
She said, "Are you alone?"
I nodded yes, and then she took my sleeve
She said, "This house was made for two"
And then fell in on top of me

The wood was strong, it held us both
We made the night away
And then with glasses raised
We toasted to the coming day

People come and people go
And sometimes I'm alone
I think it's funny how it took me
Just a week to build my home
She said before she left,
"I've spent a lifetime on the ground,
I never though of, never dreamed of,
What a magic place you found"
And I said,

"I don't find, it finds me
I combine magic things and you,
You were the missing piece"
Track Name: Heartache
Don't come near me
Dark days
Stay away from me
Lay here with me

Don't come closer
Your days are numbered

Willow hanging over
Stay here as long as you like
Bow your branches lower
Guard me from the night

Don't come near me

Willow you can have me
Keep me from the crow
And if those calicoes come scratching
Don't ever let me go

Willow! Willow!
I was there when your branches broke
Track Name: A Vast Emptiness
I'll grow and grow and grow and grow
Stretch my back up high
Reach my arms out wide and low
Hanging over you, my little one, you can hide here,
Be quiet now, be careful now
You'll climb and climb and climb and climb
'Til you're high enough to meet my eyes
And look out at the evening lights
And see what I see, a vast emptiness, a great loneliness
And I'll say, "There's no one like you, kid"

But seasons change and children age
And don't have time for trees like me
But the moon and I get along
And the winter's not too long, right?
So I'll sleep and sleep and sleep it off
And wake when you return

Then one windy winter's eve
You came walking strong and tall
And chopped me down, limb by limb
And built a fire out of me
And in the fireplace I burned and turned
'Til I was smoke that rose up that old chimney
And I laughed and laughed
"Oh to be free!" I said
And floated up into that vast emptiness
And disappeared
Track Name: Mansion Man
Let's get in your bed now
We spent a long day in the snow
We can watch the sun sink
Through your window
I have got a heavy head
And you a growing heart
We always intertwine
And then we part

And you, you built me up into a mansion man
And I can't stand to let you live inside me
I did all I can to set you free
Go collect your wood
And build yourself into a shining palace
Like we knew you could

Think of what you need
And I'll collect it all for you
I'll dive in the pond and find
Those pebbles that you threw

But I can't wait around like this
I'm starting to cave in
And I am tall

And you, you built me up into a mansion man
And I can't stand to let you live inside me
I did all I can to set you free
Go collect your wood
And build yourself into a shining palace
In my neighborhood
Track Name: Rosaline
Got your picture, Rosaline
The hardest part of leavin'
Maybe somewhere on some city street
She's waitin', she's waitin'
And prayin' lord
Bring him back to me
But I ain't comin'
I ain't comin', no

Carved our names in
The willow tree
To prove that we been livin'
'Cause this ain't no life that's permanent
Now is it? Now is it?
'Cause roots rip up and turn to walkin' feet
Believe it, believe it

'Cause every day's gettin' harder still
I can't forget it and probably never will
'Cause I left my heart across that river wide
On the Brooklyn side

Give me sunlight, give me sympathy
No soul goes unforgiven
Oh sweet sorrow hangin' over me
I need you, I need you
You help me write all these songs I sing
I love you, I love you

Rosaline, oh Rosaline
You're still in that willow right there next to me
So if you see that girl, tell her I'm standin' by
On the Brooklyn side

Rosaline, oh Rosaline
I did what I done so I could set you free
And you can find my heart in that river tide
On the Brooklyn side
Track Name: What's Next
Your bedroom light is on
What are you working on?
I shouldn't be on your lawn
I wanna see

You have got a mind
You always hid behind
But when it all unwinds
A melody

And I don't know what's next

You have got the tools
You're breaking all the rules
Spinning through all your spools
You're alive

Look at the colors that we just discovered
On our ride home from town
You saw a purple golden brown
And you smiled

And I don't believe there's a time in my life
When I've ever learned so hard
That love is something you can guard
For a long, long, long, long while

Where do I hold on?
Track Name: Oh Willow! (Why Wallow?)
I was lying down beneath my favorite tree
Thinking of the days when you were in love with me
And with that memory I slowly fell asleep
Then there you were again inside my dream

And we were walking through a winter wonderland
But then the seasons changed
And summer came and brought the rain again
I heard you whistling while you wore your favorite dress
You blew a kiss to me
And whispered things that I did not expect

Then we went dancing at the bottom of the sea
A band of barnacles all hummed and strummed
And drummed for you and me
And all the bragginflies and humble bumble bees
Abandoned land to dance on sand and rest their wings

When I awoke I was alone and day had gone
But in my sleepy state I softly sang this song

Willow, why, why, why wallow?
You've never known a broken heart
Willow, why, why, why, why wallow?
Just close your eyes and let it start
Track Name: Cut It Down
Fall in love, let it die
Not enough, nevermind
Heard a voice from another time

Fell asleep on the floor
What were we looking for?
Hollow hearts, open door

We love, we love to build it up
We cry until we've had enough
We let love grow and cut it down again

And when all of the tears have dried
The builder's broken body lies
Alone, in love, with nothing left to hide

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