Where we go and where we know
Helps us grow and grow

I set my sights on the willow tree
In the back of my backyard
I knew it wilted, so I stilted it
With wood that I had carved
I hammered nails and measured things
And built a sturdy floor
It took me six or seven days
Until it needed nothing more

Let's have tea up in my tree
And see the world below
There's playing cards
And jars of jelly beans
And candles all aglow
We've got a place up there up in the sky
And though it's really not that high
It's somewhere, it's somewhere to go
It's somewhere to go

I climbed up there with a beanbag chair
And I almost lost my grip
I threw it in and turned my chin
And there were her two lips
She said, "Are you alone?"
I nodded yes, and then she took my sleeve
She said, "This house was made for two"
And then fell in on top of me

The wood was strong, it held us both
We made the night away
And then with glasses raised
We toasted to the coming day

People come and people go
And sometimes I'm alone
I think it's funny how it took me
Just a week to build my home
She said before she left,
"I've spent a lifetime on the ground,
I never though of, never dreamed of,
What a magic place you found"
And I said,

"I don't find, it finds me
I combine magic things and you,
You were the missing piece"


from The Willow & The Builder, track released October 10, 2011


all rights reserved



The Willow & The Builder Connecticut

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